Welcome to the-football-club.com

This site is dedicated to the top four tiers in English football and the clubs that occupy them.

Like a lot of footie obsessed kids, I used to collect voluminous football scrapbooks with cuttings from newspapers, annuals and magazines likeShoot and Match. So it seemed natural that, when I decided to start a football website, it would take a similar shape (albeit in digital format).

On these pages you’ll find histories, facts, figures, results, tables, trivia, art, opinion, cup finals, league titles and more. (Be sure to scroll to the bottom of each page for links).

Browse the Gallery to view some of your favourite players rendered as …ahem… art (feel free to download them – I’ll be updating and changing them regularly).

Visit the kits pages to see some classic (and some downright ugly) strips, or drop in at the stadium pages to see some famous stadia in watercolour.

I will be continually adding to, and improving the site, so be sure to bookmark the site and come back often.

The Championship

The Football League Championship is the 2nd tier of English professional football. The league was introduced for the 2004–2005 season, having been previously known as the Football League First Division, and prior to the introduction of the Premier League, as Football...

The Premier League

The Premier League is the biggest league in world football, the most watched, richest and most lucrative, attracting many of the world’s top players. Hard to believe then that the League was conceived at a time when English Football was just emerging just from its...

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